In its 43 year history Kewell Converters has provided engineering, design and manufacturing support and solutions in foam to a wide variety of industries and continues to do so today.

Our key customers today have a number of things in common, they have demanding requirements in terms of design, delivery and cost. They need solutions which are not just about significant volumes of product at the right time but about us helping them stay alongside and often ahead of either legislative, environmental or safety and protection issues that might mean uprating or improving a previous application.

We are proud to have longstanding client relationhships in Aerospace and Defence Industries where the exacting standards of Civil or Military institutions are something we are used to and comfortable with.

In the Oil and Gas sector we have a long heritage and a good insight into the particular environments and the safety culture in which all the key players operate.

We are seeing increasingly a demand for the medically inert properties of speciality foam for our Healthcare Sector clients and have been delighted to grow our business alongside some significant innovators in this space.

Another exciting sector for us at this time is the construction and architectural sector where both legislation and large scale imagination of some sizeable infrastructure projects are driving our business ever forward.

Of course in the midst of all the heavy industry and materials science we still use our skill and craft to help agencies and end users in the more esoteric applications of foam in packaging and display and enjoy the continuous challenge this represents in terms of balancing design and value.