Foam Sections

We provide foam sections and foam profiles for all kinds of purposes. Our foam sections are created in a variety of ways and by different means that depend on the market and segment they are intended for. Kewell Converters can create custom foam sections and profiles to customer drawings or design briefs of all shapes and sizes. Bespoke foam shapes and sections can be made to all kinds of design specifications to suit your needs. Our high-quality foam materials are ideal for all kinds of purposes and industry needs, we can provide the perfect solution.

We can provide a wide range of foam sections and materials for all kinds of industries and purposes. Our foam sections and materials are available in all kinds of finishes from specialist foam packaging to foam display furniture. No matter what kind of foam materials you’re looking for, we can provide the perfect solution to meet your needs. We also provide foam sections and materials for professional and high-end solutions. This includes foam materials for high-end architectural projects or for exhibition and museum show pieces. No matter what kind of industry or purpose, we provide bespoke foam solutions for all your needs.

At KCL, we can produce foam sections and foam profiles to order for a whole range of markets and segments using a variety of methods made possible by our cutting-edge technology. This allows us to formulate small or very large production runs or even one-off prototypes, according to your needs.  All our work with foam sections and profiles is bespoke, made to customer drawings and briefs of all sorts of size and designs. Our foam sections and shapes are cut with precision using our high-end technology to ensure that we get a professional finish every time. This way you can be sure that you get the perfect foam materials every time.