Testimonials & Customer Feedback

Kewell Converters are specialist in custom and high tolerance foam fabrication and foam products. The business has an outstanding record in design and manufacture evidenced by a very strong blue chip client based that make up the most important segments of its turnover. Proud of our heritage and a well-known reputation in the foam converting industry for quality and technical ability, we continue to work with and develop/supply foam parts to some very reputable and innovative companies both big, small, national and global locations of some 3000 different customers served with multiple orders, various quantities - all made to order to clients brief and specifications:

29th September 2021

It has been a while since we have been in touch. Testing of our MK2 lane displays has been quite drawn out with the lockdowns, but we have now had quite a few units running in swimming pools for several months. The foam holders are holding up very well.

Technical Director, UK Sports
14th July 2021

I’m very glad and proud to announce to have started our new certification RE-MADE IN ITALY related to green economy that will give to all of us , you included, the benefit to be into a high level of green controlled system that needs your support to be completely realized .

We are very glad about the participation of your company and let me say our special thanks for your support until now and for all future cooperation we really believe will be succesfull and stronger also in order to be able to give you back in the future also the re-coverted rest part of foam(  you are  also giving to us ) as a new product for your process or to be re-converted again into a final product .

General Manager, Italy Environmental
02nd July 2021

All went ok yesterday, we would like to proceed with the purchase of the equipment. Can you please give our thanks to the 2 guys who helped out yesterday they are a credit to your business.

Director, UK Manufacturing
12th March 2021

I am very pleased to report we have achieved a 100% success rate with the foam parts. The jig looks great and the system is working. Great work, please pass on by best to all the team.

Quality Manager, UK Sports
12th March 2021

Many thanks for your email and the video. The latest samples were a success with the customer, in particular the bond strength and the improvements to the chamfer.

Key Account Manager, UK Sports
12th March 2021

Also I just wanted to thank you for all you support last year with the increased demand of our paterial.

Production Planner, UK Leisure
09th February 2021

Everything fits really well and Team are happy. Thanks very much for all your work. We will be shipping the unit to the US in the next few weeks

Manufacturing Supervisor, Global Medical
16th December 2020

The 2 samples you sent over has just been approved by my customer, they look really nice by the way!

Technical Sales Manager, UK Manufacturing
04th December 2020

...huge thank you to everyone at Kewell for pushing this urgent order through for us, all your efforts have been greatly appreciated!


Snr Procurement Specialist, UK Aerospace
10th November 2020

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your hospitality and thorough explanations of products and processes at Kewell.  It was really interesting and productive, and I hope that we gave you enough information from us to go onwards and upwards 😊

Bsiness Development Manager, UK Manufacturing