Light Industrial Assembly and Packing

We have a reputation for handling difficult jobs; due to the broad range of machine tools and processes we have in house, coupled with a professional approach. Basic sheet, block & strip foam materials with optional self-adhesive backings can be supplied to customer’s requirements. Bespoke gaskets and seals, ocean/swimming pool buoyancy and floatation devices, sport and protection mats/pads can be produced. We also manufacture complex packaging for sensitive medical instruments, oil/gas test equipment and sophisticated ammunitions/ missile weapons packaging to full specification and drawings. Custom made foam inserts and trays with cases, boxes, racks and crates may be singled sourced as well as offering light industrial assembly and packing to suit projects. We like to think we are flexible and proactive to business needs and product demands, as well as being approachable with a common sense view to manufacturing giving value for money for total job costs.