Technical Foams, Professional Advice & Mfg. Consulting

At KCL we are pleased to get involved in projects from the earliest stages, providing an impeccable consulting service borne out of years of experience in the field of foam conversion. Our company was created in 1971 and has grown hand-in-hand with the development of high specification foams. Our unrivalled knowledge combines traditional skills with cutting-edge technology, covering all bases in the manufacturing process.

Our technical experts will advise on the best choice of material for our clients' requirements, making sure that it will satisfy any environmental, health and safety or other industry-prescribed regulations. We will determine the most efficient and cost-effective process for fabrication, choosing from our extensive range of cutting and shaping options to provide precision end products as one-offs or in batches of thousands, evaluating every stage of the process to minimise waste and maximise quality and profits for our clients.

We work closely across the whole gamut of industrial sectors from automotive, aviation, oil and heavy engineering to high-end electronics for the domestic market - wherever a client is looking to use foam in a product.

Just three projects where we have been involved from the outset in a consulting capacity as well as fabrication are: