Tool & Component Foam Furniture

CRADLES, DUNNAGE and LINE-SIDE FOAM PACKAGING: Being closed cell, Azote foams are ideal multi-trip dunnage materials. They will not transmit moisture and offer a level of parts protection un‑afforded by most other materials. Special conductive and static dissipative grades are ideal for munitions packaging requirements.

TOOL CONTROL INSERTS: In critical engineering applications such as aviation, aerospace, medical and automotive, tool control is of great importance. By laminating foams ofcontrasting colours and machining a precise insert to accept each individual tool, any missing tools become immediately evident. For in-flight tool control, Zotek F is inherently flame retardant and meets the latest aviation flammability requirements.

Kewell Converters are the leading manufacturer in the UK for specialist foam. We are the largest converter and fabricator of foam materials and provide bespoke products to suit your needs. We produce foam inserts for tools and all other kinds of products. No matter what your need or industry, we provide foam inserts that are perfect for your needs.