Foam Pressings & Foam Punchings

We have always been involved in Foam Pressings & Foam Punching’s whereby we are able to die and press cut foam materials into both simple and complex 2D foam shapes by using both NC controlled Auto-Die Stamping machines (conveyor belt driven) and more traditional moving head die cutting machines along with smaller clicker presses and large platen press. Using a combination of these punching machines we can offer economic and efficient cutting of foam sheet, roll or block material into foam cut parts as required from our press cutting section of the factory.

Due to our vast in house foam splitting capabilities we can skive/slit cellular foam materials on one of our four machines to produce materials to precise thickness specified and agreed with a high degree of tolerance and quality of surface cut/finish. From there we can also then apply self-adhesive backing (SAB) of various tack strengths and performances to the sheet/roll foam prior to die stamping any 2D shape and profile needed using high quality CNC Laser-Cut/Bent steel metal rule die/punch tools.

These are ideal for manufacturing fast and cost effective foam gaskets, foam seals, foam eaves fillers, foam pads, foam trays, foam discs and general foam profiles to customer’s drawings. Foam component designs and foam materials specifications can be advised along with samples to deliver what you need.