Foam Seals

Closed-cell foams such as AZOTE and ZOTEK® PVDF Kynar® are prized in the building and construction industries for their sealing capabilities. Kewell Converters Ltd. is proud to supply fabricated sealing material to many companies.

Condensation control is crucial in buildings and these foam seals' mechanical performance is consistent over long periods of time, durability is second to none and to add to all that, they provide great thermal insulation and acoustic deadening.

The foam allows for the differential thermal expansion of adjoining materials making it ideal for the application. There are grades of AZOTE available which also offer enhanced UV resistance, giving additional longevity.

It's possible to split and slit Azote foams into tapes, to which pressure sensitive adhesive can be applied. There are multiple applications for this product, in the building industry - sealing panels in constructions with timber frames, draft exclusion round windows and doors and sealing roof kerbs.

In the automotive sector Zotefoam components are used throughout the vehicle, including in the  engine compartment,  with the added advantage of high chemical resistance, low levels of flammability and compatibility with oils, fuels and other hydrocarbons. They have proved to be lightweight, durable and cost-effective means of sealing - for example, high-temperature bulkhead seals and, in the wheels, die-cut spacers and seals.