Foam Washers / Discs

Across many industrial sectors, particularly the automotive, but also building, construction and general manufacturing, high spec foam has become the material of choice for washers, rings and spacers. At KCL, we produce thousands of these for a range of clients with diverse applications in mind. We have many grades of foam in stock in our extensive warehouse, but, for specific requirements, we can also source foam with particular properties from specialist providers.

We can provide closed or open cell structure washers, depending on your need. You might require a seal to stop ingress of water or alternatively, a more open structured foam which will filter air. Whatever your problem, KCL has a foam solution. Our technical experts have years of experience and are well-placed to advise you about the most suitable base material for your particular application.

Our technically-advanced machines can cut the foam of your choice to your specifications of internal diameter, external diameter and overall thickness.

Foam washers can be produced in grades of foam with extra UV resistance or flame retardant properties meeting Class O building regulations. For plumbing purposes and the water industry, we can provide washers which are Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approved. Self-adhesive backing can be applied if necessary.

Kewell Converters is happy to accept orders for small runs right up to batches of many thousands.