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Innovative foam solutions for modern construction 

Kewell Converters is at the forefront of delivering foam solutions tailored for the construction and building market. Our expertise lies in harnessing the thermal insulation and sealing properties of foams, shaping them with precision, and ensuring timely delivery to align with contemporary construction methodologies. Architects and construction professionals increasingly prefer our foams for their low mass, longevity, and versatility. 

yellow scaffolding protectors used in many building sites

Combining thermal insulation, sealing properties, and timely delivery for modern construction 

AZOTE Polyolefin Foams: building the future 

Distinguished for their lightweight, durability, and thermal insulation, AZOTE foams have found extensive applications in construction, from eaves fillers to advanced flooring solutions. 

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Elevating construction with ZOTEK high-performance foams. 

ZOTEKF, with its unmatched resistance to UV radiation and stringent flammability standards, emerges as the prime choice for ultra-high specification construction endeavours. 

Applications overview:


AZOTE foams are renowned for their lightweight, durability, and exceptional thermal insulation properties, making them ideal for a plethora of construction applications. 

EVAZOTE foam’s resistance to chemicals, especially petroleum products and road salts, combined with its elasticity, ensures it adapts during thermal contraction, preventing material extrusion. 

ZOTEK F boasts resistance to UV radiation and meets the most rigorous flammability standards, ensuring both safety and longevity in high-end construction projects. 

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