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Medical and Healthcare

Innovative foam solutions for healthcare and Prosthetics 

Zotefoams are renowned for the fact that PLASTAZOTE is the most referred thermoplastic in the medical lexis. At Kewell Converters, we take pride in supplying Europe’s leading healthcare companies with bespoke designed medical foam applications. 

Key foam products for healthcare 

Medical and pharmaceutical foam products 

PLASTAZOTE has become the most often-cited thermoplastic medical foam material in medical literature. With applications involving direct skin contact, these pharma foams offer maximum comfort, hygiene, and safety. 

Bespoke solutions for prosthetics and podiatrics 

AZOTE foams are ideal for prosthetics due to their lightweight and non-irritant properties. Their range of densities also makes them perfect for addressing various foot ailments, providing differentiated support. 



Applications of foam in the medical industry


PLASTAZOTE is renowned for its unique properties that make it ideal for various medical applications, from prosthetics to orthoses. Its hypoallergenic, latex-free, and non-toxic nature, combined with its ability to be X-Ray, CT, and MRI-lucent, makes it a preferred choice in the medical field. 

AZOTE foam offers a range of densities, allowing it to provide differentiated support for various foot ailments, from flat feet to high arches. Its lightweight and pliant nature, combined with its shock-absorbency, makes it ideal for orthopaedic footwear and diagnostic purposes.  

Yes, high-density grades of PLASTAZOTE are lightweight but rigid, making them perfect for many immobilising applications, including cervical collars, spinal supports, and limb splints.  

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