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Sports and Leisure

Innovative foam solutions for sports, leisure, and play 

Kewell Converters stands at the forefront of foam solutions for sports protection equipment and outdoor learning apparatus. With a rich history in inventory management, design, and manufacturing, we cater to diverse needs, from high-impact sports gear to innovative playground equipment. If you’re seeking an edge in design and functionality, you’re in the right place. 

Elevating protection and comfort through expertly crafted foam designs 

AZOTE Foam: The Pinnacle of Sports Protection 

Unrivaled in its performance, AZOTE foam offers unparalleled cushioning and impact absorption, making it the preferred choice for a spectrum of sporting activities 

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Bespoke foam solutions for diverse industries 

Zotefoams is a preferred choice for prosthetic inserts, limb supports, and protective clothing. Its heat-resistant and durable nature makes it ideal for crash equipment for motorbikes, racing gear, sports equipment, and various padding applications. 

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Applications overview


AZOTE foam offers unmatched cushioning and impact absorption, making it the go-to choice for various sporting activities, ensuring both comfort and safety. 

Absolutely. AZOTE foam can be laminated with a variety of materials, including fabrics, carbon fibers, solid plastics, and honeycomb cores, enhancing its versatility. 

We leverage the diverse density range of AZOTE foam, allowing us to laminate different grades. This ensures a soft inner surface for comfort and a rigid outer layer for optimal impact protection. 

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