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Moulding foam parts into shiny smooth and soft surface Versatility in density options and machinability into intricate designs

3D Foam Parts

foam swimming aid, laminated foam and contour cut on a vertical contour cutter

Advancing design & manufacturing with precision: introducing 3D foam parts 

At Kewell Converters, we meld engineering expertise with cutting-edge technology to create bespoke 3D foam parts. With an industry-evolving approach, we effortlessly transform foam materials into intricate 3D geometries that cater to today’s evolving demands. 

A symphony of technology & expertise 

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example of vertical contour cutting abilities

A heritage of excellence 

Coupled with our sophisticated software arsenal is our rich legacy of engineering expertise. Our commitment to quality ensures not just precision, but also cost-effective manufacturing strategies. With Mastercam’s robust nesting capabilities, we guarantee maximum material yield, ensuring you receive the utmost value for your investment coupled with swift turnarounds. 


We leverage an amalgamation of CAD, CNC, and CAM software suites, paired with state-of-the-art machinery and a rich legacy of engineering expertise to guarantee precision in every project. 

Yes, we can work from existing drawings, samples, or even original items. Our team is adept at reverse engineering to finalise and approve 3D or 2D foam products and parts as per your needs. 

Mastercam software enriches our manufacturing capabilities, offering comprehensive 3D CAD modelling, efficient tool path methods, specialised cutting techniques, and more. It ensures a blend of speed, accuracy, and material optimization. 

Absolutely. With our top-tier machinery and software, we can efficiently handle anything from singular prototypes to bulk orders in the thousands. 


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