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Air Filter Foam

closed cell foam

Unravelling the superiority of our air filter foam

At Kewell Converters, our commitment extends beyond mere production. We are dedicated to supplying premium air filter foam, an indispensable component in HVAC systems and the automotive sector. Dive deep into the significance of air filter foam and discover why quality is paramount. 

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HVAC Systems & Air Filter Foam

A harmonious connection 

Why opt for high-quality air filter foam? 

Maximised efficiency: Superior air filter foam offers enhanced airflow, optimising system efficiency. The outcome is tangible: minimised costs and slashed energy consumption across HVAC and automotive platforms. 

Health & environment: Elevate indoor air quality by eradicating pollutants like dust, mould spores, and pollen. Plus, environmentally conscious choices reduce emissions, making the world a cleaner place. 

System Longevity: Shield your systems from debris accumulation. Superior air filter foam acts as a protective barrier, extending system life and diminishing frequent repair needs. 

Making the right air filter foam choice

Factors to consider 

Material: Filter foams come in diverse materials like polyurethane, polyester, and polyether. Match the foam type to your application’s unique demands. 

Density & porosity: Balance between foam density and porosity, keeping in mind filtration efficiency versus airflow. 

Chemical & temperature resilience: Opt for foam resilient to common chemicals and temperature variations in your domain. 

 Flame retardancy: Ensure your foam aligns with flame retardancy benchmarks, promoting safety and regulatory compliance. 


Air filter foam ensures purified air distribution in HVAC systems and safeguards automotive engines from contaminants, directly impacting efficiency and longevity. 

High-quality foam enhances system efficiency, resulting in reduced energy consumption and diminished emissions. 

Subpar foam can reduce system efficiency, compromise indoor air quality, shorten system lifespan, and increase environmental pollutants. 

It’s essential to balance between filtration efficiency and airflow. Consider your application’s specific requirements to make an informed decision. 

At Kewell Converters, we emphasise delivering top-tier foam products tailored to the unique demands of our clientele. Your satisfaction and system efficiency are our top priorities. 

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