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Case Inserts

Precision-crafted protection for your valuable assets

Explore our specialised segment on Foam Case Inserts, a premium offering in Kewell Converters’ expansive product range. Uniquely engineered to provide tailored protection, our foam case inserts are not merely functional; they also enhance the visual appeal of your packaged goods. With the integration of state-of-the-art technology and personalised client engagement, we deliver unparalleled solutions for safeguarding your products during transit. 

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Key features 

Material versatility 

Utilising Plastazote foam, we offer a spectrum of colours, densities, and quality levels to suit your industry’s needs and budget constraints. 

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Industry applications 

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We offer a fully personalised design process to meet the precise requirements of your product. 


 We predominantly use Plastazote foam, known for its range of colours, densities, and quality  options. 

 Yes, our production facilities can accommodate orders ranging from large-scale bulk to unique, one-off creations. 

 You may contact our team of product specialists to discuss your specific needs and to get started on your custom foam case insert project. 

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