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Foam Cord and Tubes

Precision-crafted for your needs 

 Kewell Converters stands as a paramount name in the realm of specialist foam fabrication and conversion in the UK. Our tailored foam cords and tubes are designed meticulously to meet your unique requirements, marrying the art of customisation with the integrity of high-quality materials. 

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Experience and expertise 

Originating over 40 years ago in a modest garage, our journey has been marked by innovation and dedication. Today, our foundation rests on the same principles and values that ignited our inception. We’ve honed a distinct foam converting method to transform foam blanks or strips into precision-made foam cord and tubes. 

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Extensive product range 

Beyond cords and tubes, Kewell Converters offers a diverse array of foam solutions, including foam rolls, sections, and panels. Catering to various industries and purposes, we ensure that each product aligns with our unwavering quality standards. 

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We utilise a variety of high-quality foam materials, tailored to the specific requirements of our clients. 

Yes, our foam cords and tubes can be customised in terms of colour, outside diameter, inside diameter, and length. 

Apart from foam cords and tubes, we provide foam rolls, sections, panels, and several other foam-based products. 

Our expert team is available to guide you in selecting the most suitable foam product for your specific requirements. 

While our foundational principles remain the same, we’ve continually innovated and incorporated state-of-the-art technology to enhance our foam conversion process. 

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