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Medical Packaging Foams

Insulin medical back pack with display

Premier medical foam solutions for advanced healthcare applications 

At Kewell Converters, we are committed to advancing medical care with our specialized foam solutions. As a trusted supplier for Europe’s leading healthcare companies, our bespoke medical foam applications set industry standards in both quality and functionality. 

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Our expertise

With our vast industry experience and commitment to innovation, we continuously explore new ways to harness the potential of our foams for diverse healthcare applications. 

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PLASTAZOTE is renowned as the most cited thermoplastic in medical literature due to its superior properties suitable for direct skin contact, diagnostic tools, and support equipment. 

Yes, our foams, including PLASTAZOTE and EVAZOTE, are MRI, CT, and X-Ray lucent, making them ideal for medical tools and support devices used during these procedures. 

AZOTE foams are lightweight, non-irritating, and durable, making them perfect for prosthetic applications. They can be moulded or cut to shape, ensuring both precision and flexibility. 

Certainly. AZOTE foam’s varying densities make it an ideal choice for supporting several foot conditions, from flat feet (Pes Planus) to high arches (Pes Cavus). 

 Yes, our foams like PLASTAZOTE and EVAZOTE are hypoallergenic, latex-free, and non-toxic, ensuring minimal skin irritation and maximum safety. 

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