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Presentation Kits

Precision-crafted presentation kits: elevate your display

Presentation kits, be it for showcasing cherished coin collections or unveiling a premium product range, play a pivotal role in both personal and commercial domains. Often known by various names like display kits or product kits, their functionality extends to various industries. At Kewell Converters, we understand the essence of precision, ensuring each foam case perfectly encapsulates its intended content. 

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Our offerings include 


Our kits are precision-crafted, backed by 50 years of expertise. We offer customization, ensuring each kit perfectly fits its contents, and our foam inserts are available with advanced features like water and fire resistance. 

Absolutely! Our team specialises in creating bespoke foam inserts tailored to your specific dimensions and requirements. 

Our extensive experience in batch production coupled with stringent quality checks ensures uniformity in every foam product we manufacture. 

Yes, we offer laser engraving and lamination options, allowing you to embed your company logo or customise the foam’s appearance to align with your brand. 

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