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Elevate your sealing solutions with Kewell Converters 

Kewell Converters is a recognised supplier of superior sealing materials crafted from premium closed-cell foams, notably AZOTE and ZOTEK® PVDF Kynar®. These foams are highly sought after within the construction and building sectors, demonstrating their exceptional sealing prowess. 

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Versatility in application

At Kewell Converters, our expertise lies in converting elite foams such as PLASTAZOTE, EVAZOTE, and ZOTEK into foam strips suitable for a myriad of engineering applications. These materials, known for their energy absorption, chemical resistance, and thermal properties, are available in multiple densities, hues, and grades to withstand temperatures ranging from -70°C to +200°C.

While they excel in automotive applications addressing noise, vibration, and harshness, these foam products are equally adept in demanding environments spanning the chemical, aerospace, military, and HVAC sectors. 

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Kewell’s foam seals are indispensable across the construction, automotive, engineering, aerospace, military, and HVAC industries, among others. 

Yes, our foam seals are available in varying densities, colours, and material grades, adaptable to temperatures from -70°C to +200°C. 

Our foam products offer unparalleled acoustic deadening and thermal insulation, making them ideal for applications that require noise reduction and temperature control. 

Certain grades of our AZOTE foam have enhanced UV resistance, ensuring prolonged product longevity even in exposed environments. 

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