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Specialist Packaging

Elevating protection with our specialist foam packaging solutions

At Kewell Converters, we recognise the significance of precision and durability in packaging solutions, especially in demanding conditions. Drawing on the unparalleled properties of AZOTE® and ZOTEK® foams, we offer performance-driven packaging solutions tailored for varied applications. 

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Our expertise 


AZOTE® and ZOTEK® foams are renowned for their protective qualities, durability, and adaptability in demanding conditions, making them our top choices for high-performance engineering foam applications. 

Our engineering-driven approach allows us to delve into detailed specifications, end uses, and overall packaging solutions. This comprehensive analysis, paired with our emphasis on using economical manufacturing techniques, guarantees high-quality yet cost-effective solutions. 

We utilise industry-leading software tools such as AUTODESK/AUTOCAD, RADAN, and MASTERCAM CAD/CAM/CNC. These, combined with our reverse engineering 3D probe scanner, enable precision in design and production. 

 Absolutely. We pride ourselves on our ability to turn ideas into reality. Whether you have a unique concept or a specific requirement, we design and produce foam packaging tailored to your needs.

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