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biodegradable yellow sponge


cellulose foam, sponge like texture that retains a lot of moisture

The pinnacle of versatility

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 At Kewell Converters, we recognize the ubiquity and versatility of sponges in everyday life. As a foam material, sponges not only play a pivotal role in various industries but also boast an impressive array of properties.

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Our sponges are crafted for a wide array of applications, ensuring both versatility and quality. We cater to needs ranging from beauty to scientific research. 

Absolutely. Our sponges are designed to be soft and gentle, ensuring they clean without causing scratches or damage. 

Yes. Our sponges have water-resistant properties, making them easy to disinfect and extend their lifespan. 

Our Cellulose Sponge offers an environment conducive for bacterial cultivation and is also disposable, making it invaluable for bio-research purposes. 

Kindly reach out to our team for specific details on the composition and environmental impact of our sponges. We are committed to offering sustainable solutions to our customers. 

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