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Precision-engineered Thermofoams for optimal performance 

At Kewell Converters, we elevate your requirements with our range of superior Thermofoams. Meticulously designed, our thermofoams are not just about filling space; they’re about defining excellence in every application. 


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Key features


Our Thermofoams are precision-engineered for optimal performance, versatility, and eco-friendliness, making them the preferred choice for a range of applications.

Absolutely! Our Thermofoams are specifically designed to offer excellent thermal resistance, making them ideal for insulation purposes. 

Our Thermofoams can be tailored in terms of density, firmness, size, and even colour. Just communicate your specifications, and we’ll ensure a perfect fit. 

Yes, at Kewell Converters, we are deeply committed to sustainable production methods, ensuring every Thermofoam has a minimal environmental impact.

Our Thermofoams are engineered for superior thermal resistance, making them apt for applications requiring heat resilience. 

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