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Acoustic Foam

Enhancing safety and silence 

At Kewell Converters, we offer specialist Acoustic Foam, a groundbreaking product that elevates industry standards in both sound insulation and fire safety. 

Noteworthy features

Exceptional acoustic properties

Designed with open-cell polyurethane, our acoustic foam excels in absorbing sound.

Uncompromising fire safety

Fully compliant with leading fire-resistance standards including EN 13501 B-s1, d0, BS476 pt6 & pt7 Class 0, and UL94 V-O, offering utmost safety.

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Industry applications

Our acoustic foam is versatile, serving a broad range of sectors:

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It meets EN 13501 B-s1, d0, BS476 pt6 & pt7 Class 0, and UL94 V-O standards.

Yes, it is available in roll or sheet form. Custom shapes can also be ordered.

Absolutely, its flexibility allows for easy application on curved or complex surfaces.

Yes, we offer multi-functional substrates such as self-adhesive backing to suit your specific needs.

It’s widely used in HVAC, marine acoustics, OEM, and the building & construction industries among others.

It is commonly used for ventilation lining, sound absorption panels, acoustic enclosures for  generators and compressors, and room & floor acoustic treatments.

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