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EVA Foam

A fusion of durability and versatility 

Kewell Converters is pleased to feature an extensive range of EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) Foams, particularly designed for durability and resilience. The unique characteristics of our EVA Foams make them the material of choice across various industries, from sports and leisure to construction. 

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Application spectrum

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Compliance and safety standards

We are committed to delivering products that not only meet but exceed regulatory standards. Our EVA Foams comply with EN 71 and ASTM F963 safety standards and include a series of RoHS certified items. 

Kewell Converters offers a broad portfolio of foam materials tailored to your unique needs. For detailed information about our comprehensive range, we invite you to explore the left-hand menu. 


EVAZOTE® Foam is more durable and has a rubbery texture, making it more resilient and ideal for applications requiring enhanced toughness.

Yes, our EVA Foams meet EN 71 and ASTM F963 safety standards and include RoHS-certified options. 

SUPAZOTE® is best suited for ‘soft touch’ applications and is commonly used in the sports and leisure industries, as well as for protective packaging. 

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