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Fire rated foam block used in various applications

Fire Rated Foam

Airplane cargo hold area

A pinnacle of safety and versatility 

Engineered for safety without compromising on functionality, Fire Rated Foam meets rigorous industry standards for fire resistance, making it an indispensable material for high-risk environments. 

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Industry use-cases 

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Our foam is engineered to meet and exceed several international fire safety standards. Specific certifications can be provided upon request. 

Absolutely, customization options in terms of density, thickness, and other features are available. 

Yes, we offer eco-conscious variants of Fire Rated Foam to align with your sustainability goals. 

The material finds widespread use in aerospace, automotive, construction, and public transportation among other sectors. 

Apart from its fire-resistant properties, Fire Rated Foam offers comparable performance to standard foams in terms of cushioning, thermal insulation, and acoustic dampening. 

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