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Neoprene Foam

The benchmark in versatility and performance 

Kewell Converters is pleased to present our comprehensive range of Closed Cell Sponge Rubber, more commonly known as Neoprene Foam. This material has carved a niche for itself in various industrial sectors, particularly the automotive industry, due to its exceptional properties. 

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Industry application

Neoprene Foam is a versatile material used in

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Neoprene Foam offers anti-vibration, compression set resistance, oil resistance, and excellent sealing properties. 

It is available in sheets, profiles, moldings, strips, punched items, and cut-outs. Self-adhesive options are also available. 

Yes, it is resistant to water, oil, ozone, and detrimental weather conditions. 

Neoprene Foam remains flexible and functional over a wide range of temperatures. 

It is widely used in automotive, electronics, mechanical engineering, HVAC systems, household appliances, aerospace, and shipbuilding industries among others. 

While Neoprene Foam has low levels of flammability, it is essential to specify if you require material that meets specific fire safety standards. 

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