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Polyethylene Non Cross-Linked Foam

Versatile, durable and smart appearance

Our portfolio of materials proudly includes Polyethylene Non Cross-Linked foam planks, which are esteemed for their multifaceted utility, enduring durability, and impeccable physical and chemical properties. These foam planks not only offer remarkable versatility but also feature an aesthetically pleasing exterior. 

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Broad applications 

Polyethylene Non Cross-Linked foam is exceptionally well-suited for a multitude of applications, ranging from standard packaging to cushioning, blocking and bracing, and surface protection. 

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Quality assurance 

As part of Kewell Converters’ unwavering commitment to quality, all our Polyethylene Non Cross-Linked foam products undergo rigorous quality control measures. 


Given its versatile nature, it is well-suited for applications ranging from standard packaging, cushioning, blocking and bracing to surface protection. 

Absolutely, we can tailor the thickness and offer specialised anti-static grades to meet your unique requirements. 

Yes, our Polyethylene Non Cross-Linked foam is free from ozone-depleting CFCs and can be completely recycled back to the base raw material. 

Yes, we offer several industry-leading brands including Ethafoam® Plank, Ethafoam® Synergy® Plank, Stratocell® Laminated Plank, Nopa Plank®, and Polylam®. 

Lead time can vary depending on the specifications of the order. Please contact our sales team for a more precise timeline. 

Every batch undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure it meets our exacting standards. 

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