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PVC Foam

The epitome of versatility and durability 

Kewell Converters proudly offers PVC Foam, one of the most adaptable and highly utilised materials in various industries today. Engineered for multipurpose applications, from commercial to recreational, PVC Foam has established itself as an invaluable asset across a plethora of operational requirements. 

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Where is PVC foam used? 

Explore the array of foam materials offered by Kewell Converters or consult our team of experts for your specific foam requirements. 

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PVC Foam is easy to work with, highly durable, and adaptable to various environmental conditions, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. 

PVC Foam can be drilled, die-cut, bonded, and sawed to fit the specific needs of an individual application. 

Whether indoor or outdoor, PVC Foam exhibits low water absorption and resistance to fire and corrosion. 

PVC Foam is often used as an alternative to wood and aluminium due to its  durability and low maintenance requirements. 

It is commonly used in marine products, signage, building and construction, and exhibit spaces  among other applications. 

 One of the advantages of PVC Foam is that it requires minimal to no maintenance, which  makes it a long-lasting material. 

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