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Reticulated – Filter Foam

A high-performance solution for fluid management 

 We are proud to present our specialised range of Reticulated-Filter Foam, distinguished for its remarkable porosity and low-density properties. Engineered for precision fluid management, this unique material effortlessly handles liquid pass-through, making it the go-to solution for a broad spectrum of industries. 

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Industry applications

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Key benefits

Swift drying & circulation: Enabled by its open-cell structure.    

Effective drainage: Its sieve-like configuration ensures zero water retention.   

Superior comfort: Exceptional elasticity offers optimal seating comfort. 

Durability: Formulated for extended lifespan and resistance to cleaning agents. 


Unlike regular foam that absorbs water, reticulated foam is designed for quick drying and effective liquid pass-through. 

It is widely used in outdoor furniture, boating, and sports equipment due to its unique properties. 

 Yes, our reticulated foam is formulated to be resistant to a variety of cleaning chemicals and products. 

 Absolutely, we offer this material in multiple grades to cater to diverse application needs. 

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