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Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Foam


ECOZOTE® LDR is closed cell, cross-linked low-density polyethylene (LDPE) foam incorporating 30% recycled material, complying with emerging requirements for recycled content in product protection applications developed for future sustainability in the UK by Zotefoams Plc. Enhance the sustainability of your business’s protective cases, tool control, and engineered cushion packaging by making the transition to Ecozote recycled Plastazote foam inserts. ECOZOTE® foams delivers performance on par with Plastazote foam, while incorporating 30% recycled materials. This closed cell, cross-linked, low-density polyethylene (LDPE) foam material is the perfect choice for creating performance foam inserts for cases and volume protective packaging solutions.

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Stratocell R foam

Stratocell R foam is an environmentally friendly choice, as it requires less material to safeguard your goods compared to alternative foam packaging. In contrast to regular Stratocell, which is manufactured from virgin materials, Stratocell R contains a minimum of 65% recycled content, providing a sustainable and eco-conscious option. With its advanced cushioning properties and durability, it ensures that your valuable items arrive intact whilst using less materials and cost-effective packaging.

APETEK B2B Refo Protect P

REFO PROTECT P THE FOAM LAYER FOR INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS A product made using the residue material of post-industrial production. In accordance with the principles of the Green Circular Economy. Waste material of XPE foam coming from the post-industrial conversion is defined by-product and cab heat welded to base material to produce the REFO PROTECT blocks.

Chop (reconstited) foam

Carpenter’s (Recticel Engineered Foams) Richbond bonded foam is typically made of recycled (using in-house trim and by-products) shredded, combustion-modified, bonded flexible polyurethane foam.  Richbond is commonly used for sport and leisure applications to produce gym mats, climbing wall frames, gym equipment and foam seat cushions. It can also be used as a component of carpet underlay.  Bonded foam can easily be cut into different sizes and shapes for a wide range of applications. It is made from recycled material and is easily recyclable where facilities are available.

Cellulose sponge

Spontex viscose sponge materials are made from regenerated cellulose, pigment, water and softening agent (for wet sponge only).  High liquid absorption is just one of many characteristics which allows the usage of this material in many applications. The composition makes the cellulose sponge unique and sustainable. This material can be processed with different kind of manufacturing capabilities to adapt it to needed conditions of industrial users.  Spontex high quality cellulose sponge is a material made of vegetal ingredients such as wood pulp and cotton. Cellulose sponge is produced in European facilities with the main factory is in Beauvais, France. It is certificated with (Quality) ISO 9001 and (Environment) ISO 14001. From supply to delivery, we control each stage of the manufacturing process. It is also hyper allergenic for body care and medical products.

Natural characteristics of ellulose sponge

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