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A Simple Guide On Microzote® Foams

MicroZOTE closed-cell, non cross-linked roll foams are produced by Zotefoams, the UK based foam technologists using the unique MuCell® microcellular extrusion technology. Main characteristics of MicroZOTE are as follows:-

o Non cross linked (Recyclable)
o Microcellular
o Inert
o No odour and no taste
o FDA compliant
o Easy to convert
o Environmentally friendly
o Non toxic, hygienic and Bioinert
o Excellent surface quality with high gloss and smooth appearance
o Low cost

MicroZOTE foams are inert and environmentally friendly as we use CO2 as a blowing agent which makes them ideal for food contact and medical applications. They have good mechanical properties due to the uniform microcellular cell structure and have a consistent, smooth surface finish. Typical applications include:-

o Seals, Gaskstes and Liners
o Adhesive Tapes
o Construction (e.g. Flooring underlay)
o Automotive
o Medical
o Sports/Military equipment