A Touch of Gold with microZOTE®

A Touch of Gold with microZOTE®
The term “Luxury” has no clear definition but it refers to products and packaging of a very high quality and
appearance with the perception of luxury being a very personal and sometimes emotional response.
At first glance it is the power of the brand and the consumers’ preference to design, colour or an unknown
sub-conscious decision that will lead them to a particular product. Beyond this you can tap into additional senses
such as touch and smell.

The perfect combination of creativity, differentiation and functionality is being developed by Zotefoams converter, the Cellutec Group for luxury designer brand Helena Rubinstein for their latest range of beauty products due for launch. Kewell Converters ltd can offer a similar service and manufactured foam products here in the UK.
Unlike chemically blown foams, the microZOTE® manufacturing technique produces foams that are virtually odour free, perfect for use in applications such as retail packaging. Plus microZOTE® is available in a vast range of colours making is versatile and perfect for many different
Above all microZOTE® foam is inert and will protect well without causing degradation or corrosion as well as being recyclable.

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