Altea 2020 Interior Design/ VIP Competition Winner

ALTEA’s  work supported by Boeing BBJ, Fokker and KLM for the design and delivery of PHGOV, the Boeing Business Jet for the State of the Netherlands has won the International YACH & Aviation Awards 2020

Aviation is one of many industries Kewell Converters cover.

We supplie products from key partners such as ZOTEK and PLASTAZOTE into many applications for the aerospace industry. What makes these foams the best selection for our aerospace customers are their low rate of water vapour permeability, water absorption and their insulation and wear performance. The benefits of which are long service and flexibility during manufacture.

Silicone and PVC Nitrile foams often do not meet the requirements in terms of mass, water absorption and indeed the radiant panel test requirements whereas ZOTEK performs especially well in these areas due to its closed cell structure.

PLASTAZOTE foams are available in flame retarded grades which meet the requirements of FAR/CS 25.853(a) App F Pt I.

As well as an upper design limit of temperature of 160°C  ZOTEK F HT. (This is some 50 degrees in excess of the previous operational limit).  Furthermore these grades are also improved in terms of their ability to resist chemical and solvent attack, and deliver the requirements of the Radiant Heat Panel test FAR 25.856 (a) App F Pt VI. Low levels of; heat release, smoke density, and toxic gas emission are also features of ZOTEK F HT.

Here at Kewell we are expert at manufacturing components with these foams and can laminate, die-cut, weld, rout, saw at our state of the art facility to produce to the most exacting requirements of the aeronautical industry

Historically we have delivered foam parts and fittings for trim and seating, cable insulation, crash pads and headrests, and for all kinds of thermal and acoustic insulation which are so critical for aircraft.

Aerospace Materials & Components

In the civil, business and military aviation and aerospace industries, AZOTE, in particular PLASTAZOTE, and ZOTEK F foams are used extensively. With their closed-cell structure, they are known to absorb little water and are largely impermeable to water vapour. In addition, they have excellent insulating properties and are durable, giving both flexibility and long life for manufactured parts.

ZOTEK F foams are increasingly the material of choice over PVC nitrile, silicone and similar foams. These have proved to be too heavy, unable to meet the radiant panel test requirements, and, if open cell, are prone to moisture absorption.

  • To meet the requirements of FAR/CS 25.853(a) App F Pt I, we can supply specific flame-retarded grades of PLASTAZOTE foams
  • For the Radiant Heat Panel test FAR 25.856 (a) App F Pt VI, ZOTEK F grade foams have the necessary characteristics - inherent non-flammability, low smoke density, low heat release and low toxic gas emission
  • To reach an extra operational temperature limit of 160°C, bettering the current ZOTEKF range by +50°C,  we are able to provide new ZOTEK F grades, designated ZOTEK F HT. These also benefit from enhanced solvent and chemical resistance and improved structural rigidity.

At Kewell Converters Ltd., we can meet design specifications using these highly-specialised closed-cell foams with a range of traditional foam fabrication processes - sawing, routing, welding, gluing, laminating and die-cutting.

We can also thermoform the foam into complex single-component structures, which have many advantages over their multi-layer foam equivalents, such as a reduction in weight and cost.

Cabin Interiors:

PLASTAZOTE foam is ideal for seating and soft trim areas. With its low density and closed-cell characteristics, seat cushions can be used which are significantly lighter - an important consideration in the field of aviation. The foam has the additional advantage of providing both buoyancy and improved support, enhancing comfort and durability over time.

In first class seating areas, foam-backed fabrics provide superior soft touch and energy management for the seats themselves, armrests and headrest crash pads.

Very low heat-release values are a requirement for cabin interiors and ZOTEK F foams have excellent properties in this respect.  They may be used together with stylish leather which has a high OSU* value, achieving an average which more than meets the safety requirements.

*OSU - a heat release test, now an international standard, produced by Ohio State University


PLASTAZOTE and ZOTEK F foams have many applications in a plane's galley area. Thermal insulation for ovens and refrigerators, kit boxes and compact cabin crew beds and seats are some examples, for which our versatile foams can be fabricated to meet stringent design requirements.


The primary uses of ZOTEK F and PLASTAZOTE foams in the frame of an aeroplane are for the purposes of acoustic and thermal insulation and as a damping material. The properties of these foams make them perfect for fabricating into the intricate shapes required for such functions.

Specific applications include cockpit, ducting and water pipe insulation, and insulation pads for cargo deck and doors, water diverters and window reveals.

ZOTEK F has a high level of UV resistance which makes it invaluable for use in places such as the cockpit, where there is regular exposure to radiation.

ZOTEK® F 38HT and F 74 HT foams provide a synergistic combination of structural and insulating properties which has expanded design capabilities many fold, allowing new flexibility for aeronautical engineers. The manufacturing process has several steps fewer than traditional methods and the weight of the final part may be reduced by up to 30%, with obvious efficiency and cost benefits.

Packaging Applications:

For many years, AZOTE foams have been the packaging material of choice in the aviation and aerospace industries. In production areas, they are used for tool control and protection of parts in transit. On planes, there are countless applications, for example, safe, compact storage for on-board equipment like defibrillator units.

The lightweight, inherently flame-retardant, high purity properties of ZOTEK F foams have, in more recent years, been used extensively to protect high value aviation and aerospace equipment and components when being transported.





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