AZOTE® Adapt Premieres at Foam Expo Europe 2019

Zotefoams announced the launch of AZOTE® Adapt, the new member of the AZOTE family at FOAM EXPO EUROPE today! 

With a fine cell structure, excellent consistency and low odour, AZOTE Adapt couples Zotefoams’ knowledge of foam processing using autoclaves with the latest blowing agent technology in a proprietary process that redefines chemical foaming.
Zotefoams continues to evolve manufacture of its AZOTE® and ZOTEK® foam ranges based on physical expansion of pure nitrogen while recognising the growing market our customers serve with chemically expanded foams.
But with concerns from customers about residual VOCs from the chemical blowing process and also stricter emissions standards to limit workforce exposure levels, there was a clear opportunity for us to improve on that process.
AZOTE Adapt is available initially using LDPE as the base polymer in densities of 30kg/m3 and 45kg/m3, with matt black available soon. It will be targeted at applications in automotive, insulation, HVAC, construction and packaging to name a few.

We are very excited to see this new product on its lauched day and are looking forward to adding it to our materials range.



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