CASES and Foam Inserts – Batch Quantities to Order

February 2015

HPRC, the manufacturer of innovative transport solutions for quadcopters, is proud to introduce the ultimate hard protective case created for the latest drone released by DJI: the Inspire1.


The compact size of INS2730W allows you to comfortably check it in at the airport and to carry it anywhere, thanks to the 2 in-line wheels, the trolley handle, the central rubbered grip and 2 retractable side handles.


The main feature of this lightweight suitcase – only 9,40kg – is the internal foam which guarantees a great degree of flexibility in order to fit the needs of different users.

The case is internally divided into two separate layers, so that you’ll be able to carry not only the Inspire drone but also many different accessories:

UPPER LAYER: to have immediately at your fingertips all that you need to fly the drone right away

– 1x drone DJI Inspire1
– 2x remotes
– 1x camera with gimbal in its case
– 1x battery charger
– 1x 4 propellers kit
– 2x spare batteries

LOWER LAYER: all the extra accessories

– 1x or 2x iPad Mini 7 “Field Monitor / iPad Air or 2x 1x 10” Field Monitor
– up to 4 more spare batteries
– 1x FPV goggles
– 1x neck strap remote control
– 1x spare kit of 4 propellers
– Cables
– Small accessories / tools



Of course, besides all these features, the INS2730W also features all the most renown and distinctive characteristics of HPRC cases:

  • Watertight and airtight
  • Acid, corrosion and crushproof: every case is tested to withstand drops and impact
  • TTX01 high-strength resin case
  • Meets IP67, STANAG 4280, and DS 81-41 standards for durability as well as ATA300 air travel specifications
  • Lifetime warranty



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