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Celebrating Creativity and Innovation in Foam at Kewell Converters

Celebrating Creativity and Innovation in Foam at Kewell Converters

At the heart of every great engineering feat lies a spark of creativity and a commitment to innovation. On World Creativity and Innovation Day, we’re taking a moment to celebrate these driving forces within the culture of Kewell Converters, a foam fabrication powerhouse that seamlessly weaves these elements into the fabric of our operations.

Crafting With Precision and Imagination

For Kewell Converters, every project is a blank canvas ready to bear the bespoke signature of our talented and skilled design department. Comprising three adept CAD CAM (Computer Aided Design & Computer-Aided Manufacturing) engineers, every project as an opportunity to tailor a unique solution that meets our client’s precise needs.

We create pioneering concepts from the ground up, initiating the dialogue between imagination and material. Alternatively, clients might share rough ideas through simple sketches, which we refine and transform into sophisticated designs.

Specialising in foam—a material both dynamic and lightweight—our CAD engineers exhibit unmatched expertise. Foam’s propensity to shift requires a nuanced design approach, often necessitating iterative revisions to ensure perfection. This expertise distinguishes our work, as we shape it with both finesse and technical precision.

Providing clarity to our clients is vital; hence, we generate both 2D and 3D visualisations for project using SpaceClaim CAD modeling software. This critical step bridges the gap between concept and reality, empowering clients to envisage the final product with crystal-clear acuity. It’s this uncompromising commitment to detail that elevates us above the ordinary, embodying the hallmark of engineering excellence. To take the concept to the next stage, an interactive digital design can be created, enabling the client to manipulate and explore the product design, and really understand what will be manufactured.

One particular striking collaboration with the military industry showcases our design acumen. Charged with the creation of a bespoke tool case for a fibre optic repair kit, the assignment necessitated several months of devoted design evolution. The case had to encapsulate an intricate array of fragile components within a hexagonal container—functionality and protection fused within an elegant form. Leveraging the precision of the MicroScribe, we captured and digitalised the measurements with pixel-perfect accuracy. We couldn’t have anticipated the client’s positive reaction to the product, and to this day the product is referred to as “the Military’s Gucci Bag”.

It’s this level of care and attention to detail that sets a good engineering company apart from the rest and it’s what we pride ourselves on delivering time and again.

Celebrated Case Studies

3D PlayShapes and the Art of Play

Our collaboration with artist Pippa Hale for the ‘Play Rebellion’ exhibition at the Baltic Centre For Contemporary Art in 2020 was a testament to our creative ethos. Crafting polyethylene foam play shapes that could be reconfigured into limitless combinations, we encouraged imaginative play not just for children, but equally for adults. The quality and form-holding ability of the foam playshapes were critical in bringing Hale’s vision to life, proving that our materials could hold weight in more ways than one.

Stitchsmith Clutch and Sustainable Fashion

Entering the realm of luxury sustainable fashion, we supported the innovative design of the Stitchsmith Clutch, a bag that can be reborn time after time with different fabrics using a special embossing tool. Bolstered by our foam with adhesive backing, the bag added a new dimension to the concept of sustainable fashion, highlighting the versatility of polyethylene foam and its role as an essential element in core design.

Contributions to Mobility and Independence

The foam mobility transfer step is among our proudest innovations, addressing a crucial need for wheelchair users to safely transfer across varying heights. Lightweight, portable, and non-slip—this simple foam step is a leap in promoting independence and safety.

With Plastazote closed-cell foam tubing, we’ve provided a built-up handle solution that has enhanced daily living capabilities for people facing neurological and musculoskeletal challenges, marking another stride in our commitment to bettering lives through our products.

Military Precision Meets Modern Innovation

Our work within the military industry in updating and reinvigorating existing designs to meet today’s standards represents the complexity and adaptability that Kewell Converters brings to the table. Every challenge is an opportunity to push the boundaries of what’s possible with foam innovation.

Pioneering in Marine Applications

Marine selfflote single carcass floating hoses bear witness to our expertise and the unparalleled functionality of foam in demanding environments such as oil installations. From ship to shore pipelines, to bespoke buoys and floats, our solutions offer resilience, buoyancy, and durability—an illustrious history of over 50 years testifies to our mastery of foam innovation in marine applications.

We aren’t only manufacturers; we’re problem-solvers and visionaries. Each piece of foam we craft carries with it our hallmark of innovation, underpinned by a legacy of precision, reliability, and the pursuit of excellence.

Foam innovation and Custom CAD Design aren’t just services we offer—they embody our approach to every challenge. We pledge to continue harnessing the power of innovation to spearhead advancements in manufacturing, buoyed by our love for bringing what could be, into what is.

Our expert team is ready to bring your next project to life with creativity, precision and cutting edge foam technology.  Email us now to see how we can help.

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