Do you have a composite material challenge we can help you solve with technical FOAM Engineering?

Do you have a composite material engineering challenge we can help you solve? Cutting or routing complex engineering parts from high specification foam for the automotive, aerospace, healthcare, marine and construction sectors is what we do best! This year we decided to make a significant six figure investment in The OFS-VS CNC Vertical Contour Cutting Machine to faster and better serve our customers. Our customers are already benefiting from faster more accurate production of automotive trim and panels as well as high specification aviation and manufacturing applications we’d love to tell you about but can’t! Kewell Converters is a family engineering business in the best British tradition. Since 1971, we have continued to explore the latest technologies and manufacturing processes to deliver for our customers. Our design service is second to none and subject to volume may be rolled into your parts cost! Ring us now on 01732 864 310. Or for an even faster response fill out our easy quote request form here

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