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EcoPure foam is derived from renewable plant-based resin making it a sustainable packaging choice for applications where damage reduction and presentation matter.

Produced using renewable sugarcane, 100% EcoPure foam has the potential to yield a negative carbon footprint value while delivering cushioning and protection for a variety of applications. EcoPure foam can also be offered in a hybrid, recycled-content version with the potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions when compared to non-bio-based foams.

Key Features

  • Made from polyethylene resin derived from renewable sugarcane to promote sustainability
  • Can be made solely from plant-based resin or blended with virgin or recycled polyethylene to offer a range of bio-content and sustainability levels
  • Has potential applications in industrial and consumer electronics, household items, medical equipment, and temperature assurance among other sectors
  • Performance properties equivalent to current polyethylene foam offerings, providing excellent cushioning and superior performance relative to other bio-based options
  • Recyclable with other polyethylene foams where facilities exist
  • Cultivation of sugarcane utilizes CO2 and releases O2, which means the material has a negative carbon footprint
  • Winner of the Institute of Packaging Professionals Ameristar Award in the industrial/commercial category

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