Foam Applications / End Uses

Custom Case foam inserts

By Admin, 22/01/2014

Kewell Converters Ltd (KCL) is one of the UK’s leading specialist foam fabricators and foam converters. Supplying foam materials like sheet/block of different thicknesses, colours and hardness in addition to custom designed and machined/moulded foam inserts to numerous flight case manufacturers and end clients/users direct. We have been providing quality and affordable UK manufactured foam (Zotefoams/Azote/Plastazote foams and others) flight case Inners/liners/Inserts/Trays/Pads from our modern production and advanced facility (33,000 sqft+) in SE England since 1971 and with over 40 years ...

Ordnance Foam Packaging

By Admin, 21/01/2014

Ordnance Foam Packaging such as military supplies including weapons, ammunition, combat vehicles, and maintenance tools and equipment.

Plastazote Foam Tubing for Medical Applications (Rehabiliation)

By Admin, 03/01/2014

Closed cell foam (Plastazote foam) tubing and cord – bespoke and manufactured to order in house as required and available in various sizes to provide for example a built up handle for easier gripping e.g. cutlery, pens etc. It is non-absorbent, non-sticky, washable and dishwasher safe. Supplied in one metre (39?) lengths, it may be cut to size. Exact lengths may vary plus or minus 50mm. External Diameter 31mm (1 1/4?). Supplied and distributed by via

Foam for Sport and Medical Products

By Admin, 06/11/2013

HPRC Case with Foam Interiors

By Admin, 16/10/2013

HPRC cases can be used for all sorts of applications and different areas: photography, industrial, military, nautical, police and many others. HPRC provide total protection to the equipment inside them against dust, water, impacts and corrosion for chemical agents. Discover our full range of indestructible cases at and call Kewell Converters Ltd on 01732 864 310 for foam Inners design, fabrication and supply. HPRC2700PHA/HPRC2700WPHA has been specifically designed for the transport of the DJI PHANTOM Drone by HPRC in Italy but can be sourced and supplied by Kewell Converters ...

Foam Kneeling – Protection Pads

By Admin, 22/09/2013

Foam Padding and Protection

By Admin, 18/09/2013

Innovative Foam Packaging for K 2013 Exhibition/Zotefoams

By Admin, 14/09/2013

Specialist Foam Packaging for Electronics

By Admin, 14/09/2013

Foam Packaging Luxury Items

By Admin, 08/09/2013