Foam Applications / End Uses

Imagination Playground Foam

By Admin, 06/10/2014

Imagination Playground is a breakthrough play space concept designed to encourage child directed free play allowing children to dream, play, build and explore endless creative possibilities. Imagination Playground transforms children’s minds, bodies, and spirits through play. Sparks Creativity and Fun Develops Social Skills and Collaboration Builds Confidence through Self-Expression Improves Concentration and Problem Solving Encourages Physical Activity and Move

RoseCase ErgoLine and Foam Case Inserts by Kewell Converters Ltd

By Admin, 16/09/2014

RoseCase ErgoLine Product Description Plastic case for style with various combination options! Product Features modern design gives striking impact numerous secondary uses extremely adaptable to specific market or product requirements through miscellaneous colour combinations and various options of interior design – including profiled “egg-box“ or plain foam and die-cut foam inserts case shells can be custom-printed or embossed with brand name/logo (as required) optional transparent lid provides perfect product visibility ergonomic handle, optional with soft-touch concealed hinges, st...

Kewells foam help get hoverbike airborne…as seen on CNN and REUTERS

By Admin, 06/09/2014

Bespoke/Specialist lightweight and intricate foam gaskets were recently manufactured by Kewell Converters by means of high pressure CNC pure water jet cutting to high tolerance and cleanliness for the revolutionary hoverbike – the worlds first flying motorcycle. A revolution in aviation: The Hoverbike is the result of years worth of R&D. We combined the simplicity of a motorbike and the freedom of a helicopter to create the world’s first flying motorcycle.When compared with a helicopter, the Hoverbike is cheaper, more rugged and easier to use – and represents a whole ...

Foam hockey protective goalkeeping equipment

By Admin, 29/07/2014

Foam Ranges by Monarch use the best foam on the market, (zotefoam). It has a range of excellent qualities that give us the flexibility within manufacture and production to ensure high quality in short runs or mass production. The foam itself has varying densities and thicknesses so we can combine protection, rebound and of course longevity in the product. The surface finish is allowing us to emboss and custom foam so players can be unique in their look and colour scheme. We have a range of stock colours but if you’re after an unusual colour do check and we’ll see if we can help....

Designer and Bespoke Packaging Foam Inserts for Nickelodeon TV commercial

By Admin, 21/05/2014

Foam for the National Maritime Museum

By Admin, 03/05/2014

Kewell’s were recently commissioned to help design and manufacture a bespoke and colourful set of unique foam stools for a brand new installation at the National Maritime Museum exhibition. We also supply museums and gallery’s across the UK simple sheet foam, block foam and strip foam too, as well as made to order~fabricated foam inserts, foam trays made here in the UK (Kent) from British manufactured foam materials (AZOTE FOAM – PLASTAZOTE FOAM – ZOTEFOAMS PLC). Kewell Converters are a preferred and approved foam supplier for many museums, theatres, Film/TV producti...

Coloured Foam for Costumes, Props and Carnivals

By Admin, 19/02/2014

Plastazote or similar materials (sheet foams both PE foams and EVA Foams) can be split to thickness in a variety of colours and are often supplied for carnivals/festivals workshops for children to make their costumes and decorations out of in addition to professionals set designers in Theatre, Stage, TV, Film props and scenery end uses.

A Touch of Gold with microZOTE®

By Admin, 12/02/2014

A Touch of Gold with microZOTE® The term “Luxury” has no clear definition but it refers to products and packaging of a very high quality and appearance with the perception of luxury being a very personal and sometimes emotional response. At first glance it is the power of the brand and the consumers’ preference to design, colour or an unknown sub-conscious decision that will lead them to a particular product. Beyond this you can tap into additional senses such as touch and smell. The perfect combination of creativity, differentiation and functionality is being developed by Zotefoams convert...

Bespoke HPRC Cases and Foam Interiors

By Admin, 03/02/2014

Choose the model that best suits your needs by visiting the “Luggage & Accessories” on our partners site and OEM in Italy Their specialised and dedicated department analyzes your requirements and provides solutions, quotes and samples together with KCL. • The customization can be done on different levels: • The color of the suitcase; • logos; • adhesives; • internal sponges (milled, waterjet cutting, cutting blade), thermoformed can be designed and made by Kewell Converters Ltd in UK • organizer for the cover; • work to the shell (eg. Holes for USB ports, Fir...

Foam for leisure and playground equipment

By Admin, 23/01/2014

We can help design and manufacture bespoke and custom foam products / shapes for playground equipment and leisure/exhibition/training uses from closed cell (non-absorbent/non-porous) foam e.g. imagination playground is safe. Imagination Playground blocks are made of a lightweight foam that is non-toxic and microbe and mold resistant. They’re soft and friendly to the touch yet dense and firm enough to build structures and shapes. Imagination Playground blocks meet American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) and U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CFSC) standards. imagination ...