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Impact Protection for Construction

Given the large amount of heavy equipment that is on site during a construction project there is plenty of scope for damage and spoiling a perfect finish. That’s why it can be essential to invest in impact protection that will help to reduce the potential for scuffs and bangs – and anything that could potentially disrupt the perfect finished job. Scaffold protectors are a perfect example of this – innovative impact protection that is specifically designed for the construction industry. It simply doesn’t make sense to not have this kind of protection for scaffold towers and podiums for any construction industry job.

Essential impact protection

Scaffold protectors – also known as scaffold bumpers – can save time and money on construction sector projects by ensuring that work doesn’t have to be redone simply because of a scuff or bump. For a small initial investment, these protectors help to ensure that there is no potential for damage to be done to a finished building that could generate a lot of extra work. Using this kind of impact protection also sends a sign to customers that the business is professional and taking into account all the outcomes that could affect customer satisfaction once the project is done.

Easily prevent damage

Scaffold protectors are specifically designed to make it easy to prevent damage to the interior or exterior of a building where scaffolding is required. They will protect paint work, plaster, fixtures and fittings and save contractors time and money in the process. Most scaffold protectors are also compatible with a broad spectrum of different types of equipment, which means that it’s not necessary to buy lots of different protectors. It’s a key investment for the construction industry that helps to ensure that projects run smoothly while taking into account the challenges of working with a finished building.

What are scaffold protectors made from?

This kind of robust impact protection is made from closed cell EVA, which is a particularly robust type of foam. It is fire retardant and high quality and perfectly suited to providing effective impact protection in a construction environment. The use of scaffold protectors makes perfect sense and is often a requirement on sites today because they have the potential to save so much time and money. One of the major advantages of scaffold protectors is that they are so simple to use. The fitting system is incredibly simple so it’s easy to have your impact protection in place in a matter of minutes.

Benefits of impact protection for the construction industry

  • Useful 200mm diameter.
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Hard wearing and fire retardant.
  • Protection for both the towers and also for internal features and walls.
  • Lightweight and simple to handle.
  • Specifically designed as impact protection for the construction industry.
  • Stops scuffs, bangs, damage and contact.

When it comes to foam impact protection for the construction industry, scaffold protectors are an essential component. Simply fit them to all scaffold towers, work platforms and podium steps to have protection and peace of mind against impact and damage across the board.

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