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Meet Azote Family

Meet Azote Family

By Admin, 19/11/2018

We are known to be UK’s leading specialist foam fabricator and foam converter, using a range of closed-cell polyolefin foam materials produced by Croydon-based company, Zotefoams PLC. All the foams in the Azote ® range are renowned for their light weight, the consistency of their cell size and structure, the purity of their composition and their outstanding isotropic physical performance. Within the Azote family there are three variants, each with slightly different characteristics and applications. Plastazote® Foam = Closed-cell, cross-linked,  low-density...

Sekisui Alveo – Alveobloc foam…

By Admin, 16/06/2014

The new product line from Sekisui Alveo allows versatile creativity in providing optimum protection in transport applications. A transport packaging material has to meet the individual protection requirements of high-quality, fragile products to avoid damage as the result of mechanical stress and strain, temperature fluctuations or weather influences. At the same time, optimum packaging is a decisive factor in ensuring logistic operations run smoothly, for example, in storage/stock-keeping applications or in effectively utilising freight space. The new product line Alveobloc from Sekisui Al...

SealedAir Foams – STRATOCELL and Speciality foams

By Admin, 21/05/2014

Embossed Foam with Pattern

By Admin, 23/08/2013

EPDM Neoprene Foam Sponge – Skin Finishes

By Admin, 23/08/2013

Foam with textile/black board finish

By Admin, 20/08/2013

Zotefoams – Azote, Plastazote, Evazote, Supazote, Propozote and ZOTEK Foams

By Admin, 08/08/2013

Sheet – Block Foam Split & Made to order by Kewell Converters Ltd

By Admin, 31/07/2013

Kewell Converters sample and process microZOTE ® Foams by Zotefoams Plc

By Admin, 23/11/2011

MicroZOTE closed-cell, non cross-linked roll foams are produced by Zotefoams, the UK based foam technologists using the unique MuCell® microcellular extrusion technology. Main characteristics of MicroZOTE are as follows:- o Non cross linked (Recyclable) o Microcellular o Inert o No odour and no taste o FDA compliant o Easy to convert o Environmentally friendly o Non toxic, hygienic and Bioinert o Excellent surface quality with high gloss and smooth appearance o Low cost MicroZOTE foams are inert and environmentally friendly as we use CO2 as a blowing agent which makes them ideal for food co...

Kewell Converters sample and process PebaxFoam ® by Zotefoams Plc

By Admin, 23/11/2011

PebaxFoam® is a unique range of high performance foam including variety of hardness and others based on Biobased Pebax (Rnew), breathable grades and anti-static grades. The unique properties of these foams make them high-tech components for wide and varied applications ranging from sports and leisure to clothing or from footwear to medical industries. The first of the Pebaxfoam range to be commercialised is a medium grade PebaxFoam M55 although samples quantities of other densities from different Pebax grades are available. Key benefits of PebaxFoam:- •  Resistance properties at low tempera...