FOR SALE - Cox & Wright LC - 30 MK2 Travelling Head Press


Cox & Wright  LC - 30 MK2 Travelling Head Press

Originally purchased by Caledonian Rubber LTD in December 1994

Date of purchase by Kewell Converters January 1997

Max. cutting force       30 tonnes

Cutting head               400 x 500 mm

Bed size                      2300 x 510 mm

Stroke length (adjustable)   10 - 120 mm

Belt width                    1800 mm

Operating height          990 mm

Pump motor capacity   1.1 kW 1.5HP

Approx.weight              3560 Kg

Traverse and feed drives closed loop, D.C. servo motors

Feed System“Ping and grab” clamp feed - two fixed, one travelling clamp

Nylon belt cutting and feeding system

Intermediate cutting board and board shifter unit

Front material clamp

Cutting head - Fixed or rotating. Rotating head can be retro-fitted if required

Oil cooler - Fitted as standard

Electrical supply 3 phase + earth + neutral

20 amps per phase (LC30) and (LC45)

32 amps per phase (LC70)

Air supply  - Compressed air at 5.6 kg/ (80 p.s.i.)

Surplus to our production requirements due to additional/new machines bought over the past few years but in good order based on it's age and well maintained. This machine is listed for sale elsewhere and all reasonable offers considered.






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