HPRC Cases (High Performance Resin Cases)

Indestructible, watertight cases sold under the HPRC (High Performance Resin Cases) brand are used all around the world to protect every kind of equipment.
The trademark Made in Italy quality and our attention to detail, together with a constant desire to grow and innovate, have contributed to strengthening the HPRC brand in over 76 countries, achieving recognition, praise and increasing attention.
Our desire to grow and move forward, our spirit of innovation and the success we’ve enjoyed over the years have contributed to strengthening the HPRC brand and keeping it competitive.
A blend of design, shape and functionality: that’s what makes our brand stand out.
Their product: The product line is the result of a single, targeted aim and that’s using materials and innovative design and developing customized solutions so you can transport and access your equipment easily.
As well as standard PP, the material used to manufacture all the HPRC models is patented TTX01®, creating hard cases that are way lighter than the competition, yet extremely tough.
Our company is built on a foundation of innovation, tradition and customer service.




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