Internal Promotion, Micky Lee - Warehouse Supervisor

We are excited to announce the promotion of our machine operator Micky Lee.

Micky has joined us 6 years ago and ever since he has been a valuable member of Kewell team. Micky's experience grew over the years, he has been taking on more and more responsibilities and new tasks, amongst which was taking the helm of the brand new contour cutter.

Micky's new job as Warehouse Supervisor will involve running day to day operations of goods, managing recycling, volumes of materials, overseeing daily deliveries, deadlines and also liaising with administration and higher management.

Production manager Kieran Green said "We have been optimising our processes and increasing our manufacturing capabilities. We are also looking to increase our logistic function. Micky was the best candidate for this job not only because of his excellent knowledge of the materials, machines and operational side of the company but also his drive, ambition and enthusiasm."

We would all like to congratulate Micky on his promotion and wish him the very bets of luck in his new role.



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