New £300k state-of-the-art CNC Vertical Contour Cutting machine

JUNE 2017 @ Kewell Converters Ltd (@KewellCon) - We have just commissioned our new Albrecht Baumer CNC Vertical contour cutting machine which will significantly enhance the ability of the business to serve a wider variety of customers and applications. The accuracy, speed and precision of cut will enable us to broaden our range of products and parts for our existing and new customers as well as in some cases reducing lead times for customers.

CNC Vertical Contour Cutting Machine of closed cell foam  CNC Vertical Contour Cutting Blade

All-purpose new vertical CNC contour cutting machine for the converting of sheets and block materials with utmost production through-put, accuracy and performance.  State-of-the-art CNC vertical contour cutting machine for the converting of sheets and block foam with utmost accuracy and performance will be in production in early 2017, adding extra capabilities and advanced cutting technology. (Maximum part size: 3500mm x 2200mm x 1300mm high)

Applications & End Uses: Foam Fillers for Roofing & Cladding, Specialised 2D/3D Packaging, Bespoke Case Inserts, Sports Swim KickBoards & Floatation Aids, Automotive Trim and Panels as well as some custom Upholstery and Furniture items.

Materials: Closed Cell, Cross-Linked Expanded Polyethylene (PE) Foams (AZOTE, Plastazote, Evazote, Supazote), Nylon Foams (ZOTEK N), PDVF Foams (ZOTEK F), Open Cell Polyether, Polyester, PUR soft foam and chip foams as well as non-woven fabric, reticulated foams, melamine foams, laminated materials and some similar composite materials.

If we can assist in any future foam product developments or existing projects, we would welcome the opportunity to talk or collaborate on, please do call to have a chat or we can arrange a site meeting.

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