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Reflecting on Engineering’s Future – Celebrate World Engineering Day with Kewell Converters

World Engineering Day Insights with our MD

World Engineering Day is a testament to the ingenuity and impact that engineers have on our everyday lives. It’s a day to reflect on the advancements in technology and innovation that craft the foundations of our future. In light of this celebration, we sat down with the Joint Managing Director of Kewell Converters, our joint leader and trailblazer in bespoke foam products, to discuss the role of engineering in today’s world and how it shapes the future of manufacturing.

Nick Kewell, both MD & Operations Director at Kewell Converters brings over two decades of experience to the table, along with insights that could only be gained through a lifelong commitment to the field.

A life-long affair with engineering

Nick recalls his natural gravitation towards engineering, a path illuminated by his father’s profession and his own love for the maths and sciences. Clarity came after pursuing a degree in civil engineering; though originally envisaging a career marked by grand construction feats, the family business ultimately called him home. “I’ve never looked back,” Nick states with a blend of gratitude and certainty in where his passion lies – firmly in the realm of foam fabrication, where every challenge is an invitation to innovate.

“You know, engineering has always been a fascination for me—the idea that I could apply scientific principles to create solutions to real-world problems was deeply compelling. Kewell Converters presented a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation in a field that has a tangible impact on various industries. “

The joys of problem solving

“There’s an indescribable satisfaction that comes from drilling down to the very root of a problem,” Nick explains. His enthusiasm is palpable as he talks us through the multifaceted approach to engineering solutions in foam fabrication – where considerations span cost implications, durability, and inevitably, sustainability. Each solution has the potential to significantly impact.

The threats and evolution of UK engineering

The UK engineering industry isn’t without its challenges. Nick points out the shifting sector sizes, the need for flexibility, and how niche, high-quality production have become the new norm. Short-term skills shortages are pressing issues, compounded by misperceptions of the engineering sector as an employer.

Looking further ahead, Nick stresses the importance of investment and the preservation of the entrepreneurial spirit. He states ”There’s been a humbling of the industry, a necessary recognition that collaboration and a global perspective are crucial for innovation.”

The past intersecting with the present

Among the momentous engineering projects Nick references the development of the microchip stands unmatched. He describes it as the catalyst for a technological ripple that has touched every crevice of our modern world. Similarly, he views AI as a game-changer for the design aspect of engineering but cautions against premature adoption – emphasising the need for proper training and understanding before integration.

Sustainability: A cornerstone of modern engineering

Sustainability remains at the forefront of UK engineering’s role. Businesses, Nick suggests, must be intimately familiar with their utilised materials, design efficiency, and operational choices to make an environmental impact. He advocates “Collaboration and idea-sharing are pivotal strategies to drive sustainable advancements in the industry.”

Cultivating the future torchbearers

In response to our future talent, Nick expresses the importance of our ability to approach problems creatively and persistently. He values inquisitiveness and adaptability – looking outside one’s domain to find solutions. His engagement with London South Bank University and participation in careers fairs reflects his dedication to nurturing new talent. Kewell Converters itself echoes this commitment, having recently welcomed an engineering graduate into the fold.

Finally, what message would you like to share with aspiring engineers this World Engineering Day?

“To the future bright minds of engineering—be curious. Remember, engineering is about more than just solving problems; it’s about improving people’s lives. Never lose sight of the larger impact of your work.”

Engineering a better tomorrow

In a world that is constantly shifting, Kewell Converters’ approach to engineering is one that combines precision and innovation with a deep understanding of the human element. This World Engineering Day, we’ve had an enlightening glimpse into the ethos that drives us at Kewell Converters—a reminder that the heart of engineering beats through the passionate individuals dedicated to sculpting a better, more sustainable world for all.

You can connect with Nick on LinkedIn.

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