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Tough cases – highly protective resin case

By Admin, 16/07/2014

Are you ready to achieve a new dimension in the highly protective resin cases market? HPRC2760W is the only case on the market featuring 4 built in wheels and 3 functional and comfortable handles. One case, 3 uses: case, cart and trolley, depending on how you need to carry it. Using one of the two side handles and pushing or pulling the case as a trolley. As a case: using the comfortable, soft grip handle. Using both lateral handles when you need two people to move it. Or as a cart, by stacking the cases on top of each other to easily push or pull them while they’re on the ground. ...

Green Renewable Energy for Kewell Converters Ltd

By Admin, 11/07/2014

Kewell Converters have placed an order for a new 50kWp PV Solar Panel project to be installed and commissioned in Q3 2014 on its factory roof. This exciting project and investment of approx. £75k should produce up to 20% of KCL power requirements to feed the manufacturing plant and offices in general from 200 panels (European made & tier 1) onsite. Carbon Dioxide (Co2) emission reduction/saving should be in the region of 26 tonnes annually whilst generating 120 kWh/m² annually with a peak of 250kWp Peak Power and Panel Power of 250 Watts. Free Solar Freakin’ Power (see and watch Solar...


By Admin, 27/06/2014

High Performance Insulating Foams from Zotefoams Plc via Kewell Converters Ltd: Euroclass (EN13501) is the new European wide standard for construction insulation products (sheet and tubing) We achieve a B – s1, d0 rating which is the highest possible for thermoplastics. ZOTEFOAMS PLC USP’s: Smoke toxicity = s1, highest rating = less smoke = more time for people to exit a building in a fire MP15 EB40 meets this standard up to 40mm, competitive products such as Armoflex, Thermoflex, Kaimann, K- Flex, Trocellen can only achieve B – s2, do up to around 20mm thick. With the...

Co2 to help mfg Foam…

By Admin, 23/06/2014

Google foams over self-drive cars design

By Admin, 29/05/2014

Google will launch its own fleet of autonomous vehicle prototypes — with no steering wheels and no gas or brake pedals, but a foam front end and plastic windshield — as the technology giant begins a new phase of its self-driving car project. …more at

Foam polymers prove their prowess

By Admin, 12/05/2014

PRW Features: Foam polymers prove their prowess The polymer foam market has seen an upsurge in activity in the past year. New applications are finding homes in sectors ranging from automotive and construction to packaging and aerospace. This is due largely to investment in research and development which is seeing product launches from foam polymer manufacturers that tackle concerns about the effect of plastic foam on the environment. Dow Building Solutions, a subsidiary of the Dow Chemical, has launched into Europe its first Styrofoam extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam product containing a new...

A new study has rated KEWELL CONVERTERS LTD as “STRONG”

By Admin, 01/05/2014

RE: A new study has rated KEWELL CONVERTERS LTD as “STRONG” Congratulations, your company has been rated as “STRONG” in a new analysis of the UK’s 170 largest Foam Conversion companies. This is the highest accolade we award and reflects your excellent performance over the last 12 months. What is more impressive is that you have achieved this in a difficult marketplace where 43 of your competitors are in financial danger and a record number are making a loss. The Plimsoll Analysis – Foam Conversion companies, individually assesses the 170 companies using the proven and easy to read Plimsoll...

Puma is using a lightweight TPE foam – Zotek Peba from Zotefoams

By Admin, 10/04/2014

Puma is using a lightweight TPE foam, Zotek Peba, from Zotefoams for the padding in its evoPower football boots. The closed-cell foam, which is used for the padding the embossed area of the boots, is claimed to be three times lighter than ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) foams with similar cushioning properties. Puma, which has been testing the boot around the around the world, said the feedback has been “incredibly positive”. Italian striker Mario Balotelli, who has recently been signed by Puma, said: “I’m new to the Puma family, and the football boots they produce were one of the reasons for ...

Foam Knee Pads

By Admin, 06/03/2014

Ergonomically Designed Surface Wipe Only Flexible & Lightweight Ideal for Tradesmen Plumbers or Tilers Protects Knee Joint Further Information 100% ethylene-vinyl-acetate or polyethylene foam. Surface wipe only. One size fits all. Weight 0.09kg approx. We design and already manufacture such items in house-in our UK factory for the UK market at economical costs.

HPRC Cases (High Performance Resin Cases)

By Admin, 03/03/2014

Indestructible, watertight cases sold under the HPRC (High Performance Resin Cases) brand are used all around the world to protect every kind of equipment. The trademark Made in Italy quality and our attention to detail, together with a constant desire to grow and innovate, have contributed to strengthening the HPRC brand in over 76 countries, achieving recognition, praise and increasing attention. Our desire to grow and move forward, our spirit of innovation and the success we’ve enjoyed over the years have contributed to strengthening the HPRC brand and keeping it competitive. A ble...