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About Zotefoams plc – a world leader in cellular material technology

By Admin, 17/11/2013

About Zotefoams plc Zotefoams plc (LSE – ZTF) is a world leader in cellular material technology. Using a unique manufacturing process with environmentally friendly nitrogen expansion, Zotefoams produces lightweight foams in Croydon, UK and Kentucky, USA for diverse markets worldwide through its global sales force. Zotefoams also owns and licenses patented MuCell® microcellular foam technology from a base in Massachusetts, USA to customers worldwide and sells T-Tubes® advanced insulation systems made from its patented ZOTEK® fluoropolymer foams. ZOTEK®, Azote® and mic...

Peli Cases – The Alternative for Military, Defence & Security with Foam Inners….HPRC Cases

By Admin, 04/11/2013

HPRC cases can be used for all sorts of applications and different areas: photography, industrial, military, nautical, police and many others. HPRC provide total protection to the equipment inside them against dust, water, impacts and corrosion for chemical agents. HPRC cases are fundamental tools for whom cannot afford any margin of error. They can provide PROTECTION and SECURITY for different contents: – Economic and Industrial Intelligence – Systems integration – Anti-terrorism – Special Forces – Protection of industrial and sensitive sites – Transport security – Port and airport securit...

Kewell Converters Ltd recycle foam via Schmitz Foam

By Admin, 17/10/2013

Military, Defence and Security Grade Foams by Kewell Converters Ltd

By Admin, 16/10/2013

Zotefoams/Inoac Corporation from Japan tour Kewell Converters Ltd production facility for foam inspiration

By Admin, 15/10/2013

Today saw 15 international representatives from Asia-Japan of Zotefoams/Inoac Corporation tour and inspect Kewell Converters Ltd production facility for inspiration and ideas of foam fabrication and converting…a knowledge share if you like. Reference: Joint Venture in Asia 12 July 2013 – Zotefoams, which manufactures and sells high-performance foams, announces that it has entered into a joint venture with Inoac Corporation of Japan for the manufacture and exclusive sale of its Azote® polyolefin products in Asia and Australasia. On 11 July 2013, Zotefoams signed a joint venture agreeme...

Zotefoams Product Range – Azote, Plastazote, Evazote, Supazote, Zotek, Microzote, Pebaxx, Packazote Foam

By Admin, 14/10/2013

Water Jet Cutting Foam, Rubber, Plastic & Composites by Kewell Converters Ltd

By Admin, 01/10/2013

Cutting with Water-Only Proves Beneficial Over Traditional Methods: Waterjet cutting equipment is well-known for its prowess in cutting rigid materials, but it has yet to become an equipment staple when cutting soft materials. In fact, there are many advantages of using water-only waterjets to cut materials like foam, rubber, insulation and paper versus the traditional cutting methods of shearing, die cutting or hot wire cutting. Kewell Converters Ltd (KCL) owns 3 water-only waterjet machines—all with two (dual) heads per machine at their modern production facility under 1 roof along side ...

Foam Stock Supplies

By Admin, 18/09/2013

Kewell Converters Ltd – Site Photos

By Admin, 18/09/2013

Kewell Converters hold considerable stock of Zotek ® Foams by Zotefoams Plc

By Admin, 23/11/2011

ZOTEK F is a range of lightweight, closed cell, foams based on the fluoropolymer Kynar® PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride). It is a remarkable material that offers a unique balance of properties including temperature, UV and chemical resistance combined with excellent flammability performance. The ZOTEK F material has a strong array of properties including….. • Excellent UV Resistant, • High temperature resistance (Up to 160deg C) • Good Temperature & Sound insulation, • Water barrier • Excellent Flammability Resistance UL94 V0 • High Chemical resistance • High Purity – FDA Approval, ...