Puma is using a lightweight TPE foam – Zotek Peba from Zotefoams

Puma is using a lightweight TPE foam, Zotek Peba, from Zotefoams for the padding in its evoPower football boots.

The closed-cell foam, which is used for the padding the embossed area of the boots, is claimed to be three times lighter than ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) foams with similar cushioning properties.

Puma, which has been testing the boot around the around the world, said the feedback has been “incredibly positive”.

Italian striker Mario Balotelli, who has recently been signed by Puma, said: “I’m new to the Puma family, and the football boots they produce were one of the reasons for me signing the deal.

“The evoPower boot impressed me from the first day I tried it in training, I hadn’t really seen a boot like it before. What Puma say about it is true, the flexibility helps create a better contact with the ball and generate really good shooting power.”

Kewell Converters can fabricate, convert and supply ZOTEK Peba foam as required be it sheet material or shaped parts.



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