Pure Performance @ Foam Expo North America

aPure Performance @ Foam Expo North America

Come and see Zotefoam selection of pure performance foams from the AZOTE® and ZOTEK® ranges at this year’s Foam Expo North America from 25 - 27 August in Novi, Michigan, the heartland of America’s automotive industry. Zotefoams’ manufactures a wide range of closed cell, cross-linked foams with amazingly consistent cell size. These characteristics facilitate the production of high quality finished product from a wide variety of processes for many different industries - automotive, aviation, packaging, sports and medical.


AZOTE foams have long been used to manufacture automotive components thanks to their light weight, ease of fabrication and purity, combined with their minimal VOC content compared to foams produced by other methods. Available in a variety of densities and grades that offer fire-retardant, conductive and static dissipative properties, these foams are used in a wide range of automotive applications including; interior trim, seating, cushioning, thermal insulation, gap fillers, seals, gaskets, protective covers, ducting and more. 


Our high-performance foam range includes ZOTEK® FZOTEK® N,and the latest addition ZOTEK® T, a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) foam. Based on engineering polymers, the range is lightweight with excellent temperature resistance, high impact strength and superior protection against noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). ZOTEK T in particular offers excellent physical and chemical properties that create the potential to replace foamed rubber, silicon and solid TPE solutions in the automotive sector, significantly reducing weight and increasing fuel efficiency.



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